Story of Kevin, a graduate of Linguage Japanese Language School

Listen to the story of Kevin, a graduate of Lingage Japanese Language School.

Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Introducing the voices of students
who have learned business Japanese at Linguage Japanese School.
Listen to our Linguagemates about learning and various supports
at Linguage Japanese Language School.

Voices from students・Kevin 1

Before the interview I should have
gone through more questions and practice.
Because practice really means a lot.


Major:Office AdministrationIT company

I think the application process in Japan is harder. One has to go through so many interviews and writing CVs in Japanese was also difficult because I'm not that good with Kanji, but I tried my best.
Also, there are a lot of cultural differences and the gestures and how you speak is very different from what I'm used to.
For example, here in Japan you should knock three times before you enter a room. Bowing is also something we don't do in the Philippines, we are used to shaking hands. And then there are all these rules about how to open and close the door, how to sit, how to talk, how to introduce yourself.
The requirements are very strict, because you have disqualifications like you should pass this level of Japanese, you should know how to communicate with Japanese people, etc.

How did you feel about attending Linguage Japanese Language School?

I was really blessed to be able to attend Linguage Japanese Language School. I don't know the right words to thank them, but it was really amazing. From enrollment to the end they supported me. They helped me practice for interviews and taught me business manners and how to deal with certain types of situations, and even how to handle customers in Japanese.

Voices from students・Kevin 2

What was the best advice you received during your job search?

The teachers at language school told me: "Just be yourself. You should practice a lot. You should learn how to communicate and do networking. And you should have a lot of experience. These are the things that matter."