Linguage Japanese Language School Admissions requirements

Linguage Japanese Language School Admissions requirements



Linguage Japanese Language School Admission requirements and fees.

Application Deadline

There are two admission periods each year, in April and October, with respective application deadlines.

Term start Deadline Student Quota
April Middle of October 80 Students
July Middle of February
October Middle of May
January Middle of August

Eligibility for Admission

Application Conditions.

  • People who have had 16 years or more years of formal education from elementary school entrance, or who are going to complete an undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • Basic Japanese language skills are necessary(If you want to get a job in one year, it is desirable to have a JLPT N3 or higher when you come to Japan)

Selection Process

We select students based on the following.

Documents, skype interview and online Japanese Language Level Test

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for one Academic Year.

Selection fee \10,000
(\11,000 with tax)
Registration fee \20,000
(\22,000 with tax)
Tuition \660,000
(\726,000 with tax)
Facility fee \20,000
(\22,000 with tax)
Activity \20,000
(\22,000 with tax)
Material fee \20,000
(\22,000 with tax)
Total \750,000
(\825,000 with tax)

※The consumption tax is 10%.

About payment


Please use Flywire, the International payment service for educational institutions, to pay for Linguage Japanese Language School. Through Flywire, it is possible to transfer money to your own banks and to pay by credit cards in more than 100 currencies. It is used by international students from 220 different countries. Please create your Flywire account from Linguage Japanese Language School's web page. * Flywire is available in English, Chinese and Japanese.