Japanese language and business manner programs for corporate clients

Introducing Linguage's Japanese language programs to make the foreign/non-Japanese national employees working in Japan a part of the workforce


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Japanese language programs

Corporate services


Break through the language barrier

Please count on us for any needs for the Japanese language, culture and business etiquette programs


Courses for all abilities and goals


Helping you provide personal development for non-Japanese staff
  • Business Japanese
  • Japanese business etiquette

Please let us know your budget, requirements and timeframes. We will provide a quotation along with a course curriculum.
To meet your goals we can offer individual lessons, group lessons or lectures to larger audiences.
Intensive one-day seminars are also available.
We can provide instruction through English and other languages

  • Internet based training program.
  • Students can advance lessons at their own pace and in any location, at any time.
  • A highly experienced teacher is appointed to oversea training. This teacher will monitor students' progress and provide guidance and encouragement to ensure goals are met.
Skype Lessons
  • Lessons can be undertaken regardless of location, including outside of Japan.
  • Even with limited time and budget, students can tackle some Japanese.
  • Lessons can be combined with other distance learning or in-person training.

(Skype allows voice conversations without incurring long distance call charges. When used with a microphone and a webcam the calls are similar to video conferencing).

Comprehensive Business Japanese - Online Program
(10 units, typical course duration of 3 months)
  • An online Learning Management System (LMS) is used, which allows students to study and progress at the time and place of their choice.
  • Pre-requisite Japanese level is roughly that of a student who has completed an introductory Japanese course.
  • Skype lessons are introduced in the middle and later parts of the course. Our experienced instructors provide support and ensure each student is progress appropriately.
  • This course is grounded in Japanese culture and business customs. Beyond teaching students to avoid impolite Japanese, we also assist students in adopting high standards of Japanese business etiquette.

You can access a demonstration of this course on our Learning Management System here (http://sample-ljls.talentlms.com).

Japanese Business Writing
(10 modules, typical course duration of 3 months)
  • Explanations are provided for the types and forms of Japanese business writing.
  • Pre-requisite Japanese level is roughly that of a student who has completed an intermediate Japanese course.
  • Skype lessons are given at the end of every other module. Our experienced instructors provide support and ensure each student is progress appropriately.
  • This references Japanese business customs to help students write in a way which is in tune with corporate culture.


All regular courses are guided by two aspects of our teaching method,

  1. Our objective is not simply rote memorization but comprehension of the underlying grammar. All instructors are well trained to give English explanations of the difference between Japanese and English sentence structures.
  2. To help the students acquire vocabulary, we provide “word cards” and “picture cards” of verbs and adjectives. The students can practice vocabulary using those cards in their spare time on the train, in bed or during lunch break in only fifteen minutes.

Business Hours Our normal business hours are Monday to Saturday, 07:30-21:30 (excluding national holidays). We may be able to accommodate lessons outside of these hours, please let us know if you have such a requirement.

Variety of Courses

In our regular course program we offer the following courses

  • Basic course for beginners (100 hours)
  • Business conversation for non-beginners
  • Test preparation (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Business Japanese Test)
  • Intensive kanji
  • Reading newspapers for advanced students
  • Fun classes for kids
  • Other classes on request


This is offered as a single 2 hour lesson and a short course that totals 14 hours.

Survival Japanese - 2 hour lesson

Study key Japanese phrases and then hit the streets with your teacher to try them out for real. This lesson covers simple greetings and how to ask questions in a variety of situations - in a cafe, at a station, in the shops, asking directions).

Survival Japanese - Short Course

This is available either as a course of 14 one hour lessons or 7 two hour lessons. Similar to the Survival Japanese single lesson you will learn and try out practical Japanese that can be put to immediate use. More Japanese and more opportunities to use it than the single lesson. Includes language suitable when going to the bank or visiting a doctor.

Manager of Japanese Language Education Department Motoko Kuramochi

About Japanese Language Education Department

Message from General Manager of JLED
Motoko Kuramochi

Recent years there has been a wave of Japanese companies expanding operations globally and, in turn, that has led to strong for demand for training programs for the non-Japanese staff working for those companies.

We have been fortunate that our approach, which extends beyond strictly language matters to Japanese culture and business practices, has found a warm welcome in the corporate world. We continue to work hard to provide training that equips non-Japanese staff with an insight into Japanese society and the ability to form lasting and productive working relationships.